July 19, 2021

Why artificial turf beats natural turf for roofs.

Rooftop Greenery

Green roofs have had an impact in cities across the world. Green roofs deliver shade, absorb heat from the air, and decrease the roof surface and the air temperatures surrounding it. These types of rooftops are a perfect way to add to square footage and enhance mental health by incorporating a green outdoor space in the concrete jungle. By using synthetic, you can expand the possibilities for making a creative space in an otherwise boring spot.

Perks of Artificial Turf Rooftops

There are several advantages to installing artificial turf on a rooftop. Here are some of our favorites:

Easy to Clean

Synthetic grass is very easy to keep clean and maintained.


It doesn’t pose any safety risks or hazards compared to natural grass — such as root and water damage.

Provides Insulation

Protects interiors of buildings from intense heat and may offer resistance to mold, mildew, or decomposition.

Reduced Maintenance

Artificial grass will last for the long haul and requires very little upkeep if installed properly.

Adds Value

Delivers an easy escape while in the midst of the concrete jungle.

Safe Space for Kids and Pets

With artificial turf, your kids and pets will not be susceptible to potentially dangerous weedkillers, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Create A Unique Look

Artificial turf makes it simple to place turf where natural grass won’t grow, and you have the ability to create unusual shapes, or even place them on walls if you want to.

Which Fiber Type Should You Go For?

There is a lot to consider when selecting artificial turf, much less what would be perfect for a rooftop. Here are some important factors to consider when shopping:

Nylon is a durable fabric, but outdoor areas are vulnerable to expansion/contraction and will probably fade.

For indoor areas, we recommend nylon or scenarios with heavy commercial wear or non-fill locations. All nylon non-infill Shaw products are subjected to strict flammability testing to conform to building codes.

We recommend using an infill PE tape product on a business rooftop.

PE tape is durable without sacrificing performance; high-quality PE resins are resistant to fading and not vulnerable to expansion and contraction. Our Play-Safe collection provides premium performance for this application.

Check Out Play-Safe Collection

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