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Why Artificial Turf is Made for Poolsides
May 30, 2022
GREEN GRASS, BLUE POOL Picture this. It’s summer. Your pool is open, waiting for use. You took a leap of faith and nstalled synthetic grass around the pool. As a result, you can focus on relaxing rather than mowing/trimming …
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Reduce Allergies with Synthetic Grass
April 28, 2022
REDUCING SEASONAL ALLERGIES IN Edmonton While it’s unproblematic for some of us to enjoy the summer, there are a lot of people that are afflicted with recurrent allergies. Did you know that grass and the weeds that spread in the …
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Improve Your Golf Game At Home
April 12, 2022
What better place to perform on your short game than at home?   PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Like most skills in life, perfecting your golf game requires practice. And a lot of it. If you are a beginner golfer or performing at the pro …
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Is Switching to Artificial Turf Worth It? [2022]
March 30, 2022
Your guide to finding the perfect artificial grass for your Edmonton business or yard. WHY MAKE THE CHANGE? There are lots of reasons to consider artificial lawns. For starters, maintaining large areas of traditional grass is hard …
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Artificial Golf Turf Installation
March 14, 2022
Why you should hire the professionals, and why Southwest Greens of Western Canada is the industry leader for installation practices. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Can I install artificial grass myself?” While …
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Better Turf, Better Lawn Games
February 27, 2022
Put an end to spending so many hours maintaining your turf and live joyfully with your friends and family. It takes so much more than simply trimming the turf to care for a traditional lawn. A healthy yard needs trimming, weeding, …
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PGA Pros Take On Greens
January 25, 2022
Find out why so many professional golfers prefer to play on synthetic turf. Champions such as Jim Furyk, Hale Irwin, and Vijay Singh all endorse and use the Southwest Greens premium synthetic golf putting greens. These pros all know …
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