Our products are meticulously created to simulate the authentic look, feel, and performance of natural grass in Edmonton. In spite of the climate, an expertly installed synthetic lawn is guaranteed to outperform conventional lawns over the years. We’re proud of our people, our heritage, and our ability to serve you.


We're talking about Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., and Southwest Greens International. Every one, a leader of their own accord, now together make a powerful ace. Southwest Greens of Western Canada is a subdivision of Shaw Industries, the world’s biggest carpet manufacturer and a fully-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a top Fortune 500 Company. With a multi-million dollar network of 50+ franchise operations around the world and a successful 20-year history, Southwest Greens is the world’s leader and the most trusted turnkey construction company in constructing and installing top-of-the-line artificial turf systems backed by the largest flooring manufacturer in the world.


Southwest Greens was established in 2003 to address the desire for properly-designed and well-executed Synthetic Turf Installation. Professional quality golf greens, tee boxes, and practice areas grew the business and continued to gain professional endorsements from Vijay Singh, Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sörenstam, Rickie Fowler, and Hale Irwin. With 50+ franchise locations internationally and 40,000 projects and counting, Southwest Greens continues to provide the most professional quality greens, installation expertise, and innovations. Our strong reputation took home golf amenities to the backyard with lawn and pet turf solutions. Smart businesses have affirmed our turf and realize how it impacts their bottom line while being ecologically sound.


The Shaw Turf division houses the industry’s biggest and most progressive sports science lab for product advancement and testing. The 13,000 square-foot Sports Science Laboratory has cutting-edge testing equipment and a full-time staff building and testing engineered synthetic turf solutions for many applications and markets.

Synthetic grass products are developed and tested around athlete/surface and ball/surface interactions to guarantee the perfect combination of durability, performance, and safety are met. Southwest Greens also features over 18,000 square feet of on-site, outdoor field example plots, so our artificial turf is not only subjected to simulated testing, but real-world exposure. Each blade has a realistic sheen without fading in the sun, pledging our synthetic grass products will never fade and are always well-manicured, unlike real grass. Our environmentally-friendly products look, feel, and are even more durable than the real thing. Plus, Southwest Greens of Western Canada's signature collection of turf are lead-free and 100 percent recyclable!


Save time – never throw away leftover lawn trimmings again! Simply keep the artificial grass surface clean with a sweeper or leaf blower. DIY or entrust it to us to periodically inspect infill levels. With over thirty heights and designs to choose from, Southwest Greens of Western Canada synthetic grass solutions are carefully designed to simulate the true look, feel, and performance of authentic grass. Southwest Greens of Western Canada’s products are tough, withstand matting, do not fade in the sun, and are tough enough to handle heavy use. Spongy and natural yet extraordinarily durable, artificial turf is perfect for severe climates and locations with heavy use. Always green and vibrant, our grass is made of a distinctive polyethylene blend of long-bladed, grass fibers built to last a lifetime.


The nature of our products eliminates itching, sneezing, and stains connected with real grass. Our artificial turf solutions remove the need to expose loved ones and pets to harmful chemicals required to treat authentic grass. Southwest Greens of Western Canada artificial turf can also be constructed for extra-soft, fall-safe ASTM-compliant landings.

Do you have pets? Our turf backing system is made with urethane technology allowing superior flow-through for drainage without the mud. Smells and spots of wilted grass will be behind you. Artificial turf also keeps fleas and ticks away, giving you peace of mind while saving money.


Environmentally-friendly, Southwest Greens of Western Canada premium collection of products require less water, eliminate the requirement for fertilizers and pesticides, and are heavy metal-free. Furthermore, it is the only synthetic turf that uses 100 percent recyclable materials! Despite the preliminary cost, homeowners, business owners, and municipal managers experience long-term savings. Based on customers’ reports, most anticipate a two to five-year payback on their artificial grass investment. Installing artificial turf solutions saves millions of gallons of water annually and reduces pollution byproducts due to mowing machinery use. Ask us how your project provides support to the U.S. Green Building Council LEED points for environmental efficiency.


Artificial grass fibers can be recycled and reused to generate fuel for our numerous manufacturing locations or into innovative flooring products such as carpet backing, mats, rugs, and more! You can rely on Southwest Greens of Western Canada for professional service, and you can have faith that we will be here to honor our professional commitment and product warranties that exceed industry norms.


With a fully vertically-integrated manufacturing and supply chain for complete control of product quality from construction to installation, Shaw Industries provides the world’s largest and most advanced sports science laboratory for product design and testing. Southwest Greens of Western Canada is supported by unlimited tufting faculty, fiber extrusion, and in-house secondary covering capabilities. Our synthetic turf systems are 100% fully recyclable. They can be repurposed in many ways, including a patented procedure used to develop other flooring products.

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